Standard of conduct of a director

When assessing the conduct of a company director, three key areas are relevant, namely the: acceptable standards of conduct of a director, his/her fiduciary duties and the risk of being classified as a delinquent director. Standards of director conduct The Companies Act of 2008 as amended (the “Act”) defines the standards of conduct of a […]

Alternate Directors

The directors serving on the boards of a number of listed issuers have nominated alternate directors to serve in their stead when they are unable to attend. The articles of association of issuers under the 1973 Companies Act usually permitted a director to appoint his or her alternate with the approval of the board of […]

Is this the weakest remuneration policy & report ever?

Trencor (JSE:TRE) shareholders will once again be asked to consider the company’s executive remuneration policy and implementation report at the upcoming AGM on 25 June 2019. In compiling our voting paper which is available on our website, we also consider the details contained in Trencor’s integrated report. We believe this is the weakest attempt we’ve […]

Nampak AGM 2019 – Resolution to amend the MoI….

The notice of the 2019 AGM to be held on 5 February contains a special resolution asking the shareholders to approve a proposed amendment to clause 29.1 of the Nampak MoI. We outline below some of our concerns, but have also requested a response from the company secretary, which we include below. Non-executive directors Firstly, […]