Disclosing director remuneration – what you need to know

The requirement for disclosing director remuneration have become more extensive ….. Section 30(4) of the Companies Act 2008 deals with the requirements for disclosing director remuneration.  Every company which is required to have its annual financial statements audited in terms of the Act, needs to comply.  Its annual financial statements must disclose remuneration received by each […]

NED chairman’s fees not approved – what now?

A most interesting development at the Astral Foods Ltd (JSE:ARL) GM held on 19 April occurred, in follow-up to the AGM held on 8 February 2018. At the AGM more than 25% of the shareholders voted against the remuneration of the non-executive chairman, Mr Theuns Eloff, and the board was forced to call a GM […]

Steinhoff director defends remuneration largesse

Steinhoff supervisory board member Johan van Zyl — who with Steve Booysen and chairwoman Heather Sonn have tried to salvage the group in the wake of revelations of gross accounting irregularities — has come out in defence of proposals for the three to be paid up to €200,000 extra for their work since December’s meltdown. […]