Engaging on director nominations

Director nominations and elections represent some of the most fundamental ownership rights for shareholders – namely the right to appoint and remove members of a company board to represent their interests in promoting long-term value creation.

Shareholders can – and should – become involved not only in voting for director candidates at AGMs, but also in engaging with companies to ensure that nominees are best-suited to guide the long-term success of the company.

An ineffective nominations process brings with it major risks, including ineffective board members or whole boards that are not fit for purpose. To have a clearer understanding about how companies are managing this process, investors should engage them on:

  • the role of the nominating panel;
  • existing board composition and processes to review directors’ performance;
  • succession planning;
  • the skills, experience and qualifications of nominees.

A lack of disclosure and engagement offers little indication about whether the company follows a robust process to place candidates or how nominees can best serve the company. This demonstrates the case for active investor involvement in the director nomination processes.

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