A Our services offering comprise two focus areas:

Client-specific policy development, implementation and monitoring

  • Develop investment strategies – enabling the client to regularly and consistently exercise its voting rights as a responsible investor.
  • Capacity building  – training and guidance of the client to prepare and compile the voting positions on each issuer.
  • Monitoring SENS – preparing monthly reports on matters of concern.  Increasingly build the capacity of the client to undertake this service themselves.
  • Changing landscape – upon request providing input regarding social, environmental and corporate governance issues.  This may arise from legislative or regulatory changes that affect issuers.

Preparation and issue of our Voting Papers, Compensation Papers and Core reports

In preparing our reports we only use the published information, financial details and documentation of issuers, including other publicly available sources of information.

  • Proxy View Voting Paper – a voting sheet which reflect the way in which we would have voted on shareholder resolutions at the upcoming AGM or GM.  This is based upon our standard voting policy guideline, available on our website.
  • Proxy View Compensation Paper – in-depth analysis of the executive remuneration policy and implementation report of the issuer.  This reflects our views on the level of disclosure, transparency and fair treatment of shareholders achieved by the board and management.
  • Proxy View Core Report – in-depth analysis of the published reports of an issuer, from the viewpoint of a reasonable shareholder.  We focus on the level of disclosure, transparency and fairness achieved.  The report covers executive compensation, environmental and social & governance issues.  It may also include other matters we consider to be of importance to shareholders.  We identify the actions we deem necessary from the board and management.