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2020-05-04Share-owner stewardship in the UK, and SA by comparisonStewardship Code
2019-11-16Standard of conduct of a directorDirectors
2019-11-15Alternate DirectorsDirectors
Alternate directors
2019-07-24Is 43 years on the board too long?Corporate governance,
Pick n Pay
2019-07-19Why does a board opt to buy back the company’s shares?Directors
Share buy-backs
2019-06-07Is this the weakest remuneration policy & report ever?Executive Remuneration
2019-05-25GDPR – Lessons learned at the one-year anniversaryGDPR
2019-05-21Company and director liability for climate change in AustraliaClimate change
2019-04-02Volkswagen: Poor culture meets high business riskGovernance
Corporate Culture
2019-04-01Dinosaur governance in the age of unicornsEthics, Governance
2019-02-21Revisting the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)GDPR
PoPI Data security in SA
2019-02-18The Transaction Capital Ltd 2019 AGMTransaction Capital Ltd
Audit Committee
2019-02-14The EOH Holdings Ltd 2019 AGMEOH Holdings
2019-02-05Data necessary to assess the social and environmental impact of funds, is lackingSocial and environmental impact
2019-02-02The Astral Foods Ltd 2019 AGMAstral Foods
2019-02-02The Firstrand Ltd 2019 shareholder engagement non-event…..Firstrand Ltd
Asset managers
2019-01-23Xolobeni digs in its heels against miners’ habitual profiteeringMining
2019-01-22No more silent big short positionsFSCA
2019-01-20The Power of Shareholder Votes: Evidence from Uncontested Director ElectionsDirectors
2019-01-18US active funds suffer record $143bn ‘exodus’ in DecemberAsset Managers
2019-01-016Virtuous Investing Finally Starts to Pay OffAsset Managers
2019-01-15The sustainability movement has disappeared. Where did it go?Social and environmental impact
2019-01-14Nampak AGM 2019 – Resolution to amend the MoI….MoI
Nampak Ltd
2019-01-05Beyond the bottom line: should business put purpose before profit?Asset Manager
2018-12-28The trick to learning when to cut your losses….Asset Managers, Corporate finance
2018-12-24Pension fund trustees in the spotlightFund managers
2018-12-23The commas that cost companies millions….News
2018-12-11Directors’ fee increases linked to CPI – can it be determined with accuracy?Directors fees
Companies Act
2018-12-03The Top 10 Socially Conscious Funds in the USAESG
2018-12-01Shareholder Rights Directive review (“SRD II”)Asset Managers
Corporate Governance
2018-11-28Solvency and liquidity: the acid test for companiesCompanies Act
Solvency and liquidity
2018-11-28The independent non-executive directorCompanies Act
2018-11-26Disclosing director remuneration – what you need to knowCompanies Act
Directors' fees
2018-11-23Company records: who has right of access?Companies Act
2018-11-23Registered office and company records: what you need to knowCompanies Act
2018-11-21The Bidvest Group: Re-appointment of auditorAuditors
2018-11-18Remgro: access to executive remuneration detailsExecutive remuneration, Shareholder meetings
2018-11-18Sasol: the not-so-small matter of fatalitiesExecutive remuneration
2018-11-17RCL Foods: Non-executive directors’ feesCompanies Act
Directors' remuneration
2018-11-05Tsogo Sun: The Second Joker in the PackTsogo Sun;
Shareholder Meetings
2018-11-05Garnishee orders, Tsogo-styleTsogo Sun
Corporate Governance
2018-09-28Standard Chartered to pull plug on financing for coal plantsClimate change
2018-09-16SEC staff withdraws two no-action letters related to proxy advisory firmsProxy Advisory Services
2018-07-19UK Regulator puts Proxy Advisor methodologies under the spotlightProxy Advisory Services
2018-07-12The average cost of a data breach in South Africa hits R36.5 millionPoPI
Data Breaches
2018-07-04Banks Get Stress Tested. So Should Asset Managers.Asset Managers
2018-07-03Fined by CIPC for failure to submit AFS within 6 monthsCompliance
2018-06-25iXBRL – the digital financial reporting solutionXBRL
2018-06-23Climate-change fiction is fast becoming scientific factClimate change
2018-06-22Steinhoff Africa, Brait Put Shareholders on Hook for Manager LoansShareholders
2018-06-21Throwing Retirees’ Money Into the SeaAsset Managers
Social and environmental impact
2018-06-20The CBA APRA Report: “required reading” for all directorsCorporate governance
2018-06-19GDPR / PoPI data privacy security breachesCompliance
Corporate governance
2018-06-19Inverted Yield Curve Is Hiding in Plain SightAsset Managers
2018-06-13WPP board facing irate shareholders…..Directors
Shareholder meetings
2018-06-11Beware the ‘mother of all credit bubbles’Corporate finance
Investments and returns
2018-06-08The most epic failure of corporate governance in the annals of American capitalism perhaps?Corporate Governance
2018-06-07Sanlam Investments failing CRISA voting disclosure testCorporate governance
2018-05-31Europe’s Largest Asset Manager Sees ‘Tipping Point’ on ClimateClimate change
2018-05-29Failing governance at STAR – more questions than answers….Auditors
Corporate governance
2018-05-28When personal liability for trustees kicks in…Trustees of retirement funds
2018-05-27Another wolf at the door: the proxy advisory firmProxy Advisory Services
2018-05-26Blocking online access doesn't get you off the GDPR or PoPI hookCompliance
Corporate Governance
2018-05-22This way down for serious governance oversightsCorporate Governance
2018-05-21GDPR becomes fully enforceable on 25 May 2018Corporate Governance
2018-05-18HNA Group sells out of ComairInvestments and returns
2018-05-01Why Banking Scandals Will ContinueCorruption
Ethics and corporate culture
Retirement Funds
2018-04-30Leaders who keep their fingers clean and hands dirtyDirectors,
Shareholder activism
Ethics and corporate culture
2018-04-21The courage to speak up at a board meeting. Directors
2018-04-20NED chairman’s fees not approved – what now?Directors' fees
2018-04-19Boards must manage the corporate culture challengeEthics and culture
2018-04-13From a lack of good governance to corruption but a small stepCorporate Governance
2018-04-12UK not good to launder your money anymoreCorruption
2018-04-10Mining BEE – “Once empowered always empowered” court ruling may have far wider ramifications Mining
2018-04-09Steinhoff – this way down when paying too much for poor businessesDirectors
2018-04-04Steinhoff director defends remuneration largesseDirectors' fees
2018-03-30Engaging on director nominationsDirectors
2018-03-28Steinhoff Pressured to Halt ‘Unseemly’ Director-Bonus PlansDirectors' fees
2018-03-28CIPC worried Steinhoff and other multinationals escape parts of SA lawCompliance
2018-03-28Businesses are at sea over Companies Act obligationsCompliance
2018-03-28Corporate equity derivatives – the $3.5bn opague business on Wall Street Corporate finance
2018-03-27As one elephant vanishes, at least two others appearFund management
2018-03-24‘You have to face your owners’Shareholders
2018-03-23Down with exorbitant platform fees, down!Asset Managers
2018-03-20Court rules on applying for creditCompliance
2018-03-20STAR overpowers minorities’ pushback at first annual meetingShareholder meetings
2018-03-18STAR to distance itself from SteinhoffShareholders
2018-03-13‘Investors need to push for appropriate incentives’Asset Managers
2018-03-12STAR saddled with hugely expensive acquisitions by SteinhoffDirectors
2018-03-12SA’s corporates must wake up to social and environmental rolesSocial and environmental impact
2018-03-07SA counts cost of poor governanceCorporate Governance
2018-03-07Life is about to get tougher for small pension fundsRetirement Funds
2018-03-04Submission of AFS to CIPC using xBRLiXBRL
2018-02-27Corporate governance principles can help boards spot fraudulent activitiesDirectors
Corporate Governance
2018-02-27Retirement funds – let’s talk about the elephant in the roomAsset Managers
Retirement Funds
2018-01-29Governance and leadershipCorporate Governance
2018-01-23CIPC’s net should catch other big fishCompliance
Corporate Governance
2018-01-22A Sense of PurposeCorporate Governance
2018-01-15Serious reputational damage suffered by Steinhoff ‘stars’Corporate Governance
2018-01-12The role of shareholder advisory firmsProxy Advisory Services
2018-01-12US House of Representatives moves to regulate proxy-advisory firmsProxy Advisory Services
2018-01-11Finding signs of accounting irregularities and potential fraudAsset Manager
Corporate Governance
2017-12-24Rise of shareholder activism in AustraliaShareholder meetings
2017-11-06Paradise Papers: SA names aplenty in huge tax leakCompliance
2017-11-02Shoprite makes about-turn on exec payExecutive Remuneration
2017-10-09Eskom is rotten to the coreCorruption
Corporate governance
2017-09-24A bribe by any other nameCorruption
2017-09-11Auditor rotation tops PIC’s list of governance issuesAuditors
2017-09-11Audit regulator says support for auditor rotation is growingAuditors
2017-09-03How investors are shaking up company meetingsAsset Managers
Shareholder meetings
2017-08-14Are SA’s asset managers starting to find their activist voice?Shareholder meetings
Asset Managers
2017-08-13Spotlight On Boards And Shareholder ActivismShareholders activists
2017-07-11Should asset managers be acting on CEO pay?Executive remuneration
Asset Managers
2017-05-10Activist investors - What are they, what tactics do they use and how do you stop them?Asset Managers
Shareholder Activists